General Employment Law Matters

We Represent Employees…

Are you in need of an employment attorney?  Call Vinsko & Associates, P.C. today.  Our attorneys handle various employment matters, including, but not limited to employment discrimination cases, violations of school law, civil service violations, unemployment compensation cases, demotions, wrongful termination, whistleblower cases, failure to represent cases and other employment matters.  Each of these cases require specific experience and specialized knowledge which will only enhance your ability to recover.

If you feel you have an employment matter that you believe requires an attorney, do not wait to call our office.  First, you want to be sure that you do not let the statute of limitations expire.  Employment cases typically have a much shorter amount of time in which to file an action against your employer, usually six (6) months from the date you first had the ability to pursue your claim.  The sooner we can speak to you, evaluate your case, gather and review documentation and prepare the filings, the better we can assist you.


…And We Represent Employers.

  The best way to avoid legal issues with employees is to have Vinsko & Associates P.C. employment attorneys review your employment manuals, handbooks and procedures.  Many companies do not even have these items, or, in many cases, they have not been updated in years.  We have drafted policy manuals, corporate handbooks, employment contracts, non-compete contracts, and countless other employment documents to protect companies from unnecessary litigation and expenses.  Let us help you.  If you are facing an employee dispute or if you are being accused of discrimination, call us today to assist you.  We can help protect your company!  Call us today at 570.970.9700 or 215.278.4767.

If you have a workplace issue, contact Vinsko & Associates, P.C. today!