Business and Corporate Estate Planning

Running a company is tedious and time-consuming.  To operate a business the right way, you will often need legal advice and direction.  At Vinsko & Associates, P.C. our counsel have advised companies for more than a decade, including providing legal direction to CEOs, Boards of Directors, Operating Managers and other parties.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Contracting
  • Employment Issues
  • Union Negotiations
  • Drafting and Revising Corporate Handbooks 
  • Drafting and Revising Corporate Policies
  • Drafting and Revising By-Laws
  • Drafting and Revising Operating Agreements
  • Drafting and Revising Partnership Agreements
  • Litigation Strategy
  • Advising on Corporate Financing / Lender Document Review

There are many facets of attorney representation for businesses and companies, and it is important to have experienced lawyers to assist you.  Vinsko & Associates P.C. can provide competent legal representation for your business which will be cost effective to your bottom line.  Our attorneys understand that it is your goal to make money, and spend as little as possible.  Obtaining advice ahead of a potential legal issue will only help with that goal.

Are you Buying or Selling Your Business?

At Vinsko & Associates, P.C. we have experience advising clients when they are selling or buying a business.  Our office oversees everything for you, including, but not limited to:

  • Drafting and Negotiating the Agreements of Sale
  • Bills of Sale
  • Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales
  • Bulk Sales Certifications
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Liquor License Transfers
  • Corporate Transfer Documents and Resolutions
  • Obtaining Insurance

Before you begin the process of buying or selling a business or a company, call us for a consultation.  Let is give you our custom outline of what issues we have to collectively address so you know exactly what needs to be accomplished from the beginning.  Additionally, we want to know your goals so we can set up a structure to meet them.  Call us to discuss your options or reach out through our contact page.

There is no business to big or too small for good legal advice.  Call us today to help you!